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About Us

Renegade Radio is a radio station, website, information centre, showcase platform and community for those that love and live for underground dance music.

Formed in 2007 by Champion Puffa and Livvy, the dream was for djs and producer's of all ages from all backgrounds and from all over the world to be able to enjoy the music and share their passion and creativity with people around the world that share the same memories and passion for the underground dance music scene.

Renegade Radio prides its self on always remaining original with ideas and vibes that have been imitated by many, but with over 50 years experience in the rave scene between them in the clubbing and pirate / net radio scenes. Puffa and Livvy work hard to keep Renegade at the forefront of the dance music scene, and with a solid hardworking management team behind them working daily on website, graphics, listener interactivity, promotion and also FM radio broadcasting, Renegade Radio are committed to constantly push boundaries in thoughts and ideas while keeping the original vibes and feelings strong.

Though the cost of running a website, net radio station, promotion and fm broadcasting is high and unbelievably time consuming Renegade Radio stand apart by refusing to charge djs to play on the radio, this is all but unheard of for such an established station, we believe we have a responsibility to spread the music and vibes of the underground dance scene to the world for free and not to make a profit from or bleed djs for their passions.

Over the years Renegade Radio have originated many ideas and showcased many live events, these run from broadcasting live club events from Japan and pool parties in the USA to running the original on air dj battles and our annual charity event The Long Good Friday, to being the proud host of well established artists in the scene such as Tyree Cooper, DJ Trix & Ultravibe, Uncle Duggs & MC 5ive-0, Robbie Dee, Glenn Aston, Gershwin, Shockin B and many more.

With new djs filtering through from all over the world and new styles and sounds of underground dance music being played and showcased daily mixed up with the sound tracks of your past, we will continue to deliver what you want to hear, be that house and hip-hop, through to acid, oldskool hardcore, jungle and drum n bass and techno to trance, dub step and break beats there is always something for you on Renegade Radio.

As Renegade Radio grows in support and the family gets bigger by the week, we strive to continue originating newer and bigger ideas in the future to make your time here better and memorable and interactive. With shops on the website selling everything from slipmatts, cds, books and dj equipment to baby clothes, hats and t-shirts and our own label in the works for starters we never forget why we are here and the reasons for us doing it.....YOU

Respect all crews and remember to keep a smile on your face and an open mind to all.

Big Love

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