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Benny Page

Benny Page

Renegade: When and where did you start DJing / producing?

Benny: I started to make music when I was a school but took it to next levels when I was 16 - got some equipment and jumped in the deep end !

Renegade: How did you get your dj name?

Benny: I couldnt think over a name and my family used to call me benny for short so i just went with benny page which is my real name

Renegade: How did you originaly get into the scene and who got you into it?

Benny: I first started sending beats to bailey and then hooked up with the cutterz choice label aka spoona and rythm beater after they heard some of my beats they liked and started releasing

Renegade: What and who were your influences?

Benny: Everything from rock to reggae to hip hop to name a few, not forgetting my mum!

Renegade: Darkside or uplifting tunes?

Benny: Bit of both

Renegade: How serious were you when you started DJing & producing and how serious are you now?

Benny: I've always been pretty serious, when you have had people from your own family telling you your wasting your time you would think that could affect you but for me it gave me a hunger to prove them wrong. on the whole I feel like I take it more seriously as time go's on

Renegade: What and when were your first events as a raver?

Benny: Bassheads at the matrix in Reading

Renegade: Who were your favorate DJs Back in the day & now?

Benny: Favourite djs have always been guys like hype,blackmarket, but now the list goes on forever

Renegade: What is & was your fave club to go out raving / play at?

Benny: Fabric

Renegade: Who do you rate as the best producers & labels from 1988-presant day?

Benny: I only got in to the music around 94-95 so labels like reinforced and ibiza come to mind

Renegade: What is your prefered genre to listen to / make / play now?

Benny: I like making alot of diffrent styles these days - dnb is still my main thing but also dubstep ragga and hip hop beats

Renegade: Whats the best night raving you have ever had?

Benny: Probably tru playaz at fabric

Renegade: Vinyl / cd / mp3? - what do you use?

Benny: Bit of both

Renegade: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Benny: Sat on a hot beach with cocktails white sand and half naked women lol

Renegade: What are your aims and goals now?

Benny: Just to keep pushing my self as a producer

Renegade: What Djs would you love to B2B with?

Benny: David Rodigan

Renegade: What producers would you love to work with?

Benny: The list wouldnt fit on this page

Renegade: What advise would you give to young DJs & Producers?

Benny: Just beleive in yourself and put the time in - dont let anyone tell you your wasting your time

Renegade: What do you think of female DJs & Producers?

Benny: I think there should be more in the scene

Renegade: Whats your fondest memory in the scene?

Benny: Getting a phone call from digital soundboy

Renegade: Whats your fave food & drink?

Benny: Indian

Renegade: Where would you take someone on a 1st date?

Benny: Raveing

Renegade: What do you do when your chilling out?

Benny: Listen to music

Renegade: Whats your day job?

Benny: Producing

Renegade: What do you think of the new genres? (hardcore breaks / nu rave / dub step / uk hardcore)

Benny: I think its great and keeps things intresting as doing and listening to the same thing can take its toll

Renegade: Nike or Addidas?

Benny: Depends on the day

Renegade: Whats your greatest fear?

Benny: Living in a world with out beats

Renegade: Where can we expect to see you in the near future?

Benny: You can check my myspace to see where i am



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