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MC Rimz

MC Rimz

MC Rimz - Nebula II MC interviewd by Foo

So, MC Rimz.....

Renegade: When and Where did you start MCing?

MC Rimz:I was a hip hop mc before rave and rapped at quite a few midlands and Yorkshire hiphop events, 'criminal truth' being the one where i really got noticed, mainly for being a white guy rapping, at that time there wasn't any white mc's, i got alot of racist abuse for my trouble and the hip hop scene was turning nasty about 1989/90 with a lot of taxing and beatings going on, so when rave hit i was ready, a scene where your colour didn't matter and p.l.u.r ruled.

Renegade: How did the name MC RIMZ come to be?

MC Rimz: Well RIMZ was my graffiti tag, when i was younger you could get these wheels for your BMX called 'Z-RIMZ' that were supposed to be un buckle-able, the first day i got them on my bike i managed to knacker them on a ramp, so rimz stuck

Renegade: How did you originaly get into the scene and who got you into it?

MC Rimz: My life long friend cozy (The Mexican nebula2) started telling me about this club in town called the kool kat where Graeme park played and said the new sound coming out was wicked and i should check it out, cozy already had decks and spun hip hop and electro but started going to arcade records in nottingham to see Johnathon (the godfather) to buy these tunes he was hearing on a Saturday night at the kool kat, at this time i was a solid hiphop man and drinking in pubs and clubs was a real no-no, so i didn't go with him to the club for ages but was enjoying the music he was playing me and shared the excitement of something new coming, we knew this sound would be big! Eventually my friend Danny Gee persuaded me to ditch my hip hop mentality and get with what was happening, so i bought some flares and a hooded top for under my puffed up body warmer and went to the hacienda in Manchester with them. That was it, i was hooked!

Renegade: What and who were your influences?

MC Rimz: All old school hip hop artists, big daddy kane, ulramagnetic mc's, eric b and rakim etc, but then when rave started it would have to be unique 3 from Bradford that really got me hooked as it was a mix of rap and rave, the tune 'the theme' is still one of my all time faves.

Renegade: You was the MC for Nebula II. How did that come about?

MC Rimz: I actually went to senior school with cozy (the Mexican) and knew Joe (the bandit, shot1 etc) from graffiti, but me and Joe didn't get on as kids because i got with his girl whilst he was still seeing her although i didn't know until one night i followed her right to his house without her knowing, so there was real tension between us, but cozy and joe bought a sampler for the Amiga and began making music together and became good friends much to my annoyance. Before long they got there 1st record deal on J4M and were about to go play live at raves, id already mc'd for cozy at a few party's and he said to Joe we should get Rimz to come with us and its about time you buried the hatchet. We really formed and gelled as a crew almost instantly along with Pete 'E' our funky dread dancer.

Renegade: Are You still Mcin in the scene? If so, Where? If not, Would you consider a come back while the oldskool scene is again in full flow?

MC Rimz: I don't really mc anymore, although i did at a free party not to long ago and it went down really well, i still think up rhymes all the time though. I would love to mc some of the oldskool nights, so any promoters out there if you want an original mc, im your man lol

Renegade: What did you prefer to work to, darkside or uplifting tunes?

MC Rimz: Hardcore you know the score

Renegade: Who did you enjoy working on stage with the most? Another MC? DJ?

MC Rimz: Colin favor, Stu allen, Frankie Valentine, Nipper to name but a few

Renegade: Any random funny stories about artists/Mc's/DJ's from back in the day?

MC Rimz: When i mc'd at the Astoria in London 1990/91 with rebel mc and Chalkie white i met the dj legend 'mickey finn', i got chatting to him and gave him my phone number, anyway at the time i was living with my grandma (Rip), Mickey phoned up whilst i was out and asked for me to which my Grannie asked who was calling, when he said his name my grandma said 'you taking the piss?, thats not your real name, your named after a spiked drink?' and gave him loads of stick, when i eventually spoke to him again, he said your grandma is one tough cookie and joked about it for ages telling everyone not to ring me.

Renegade: How serious were you when you started Mcin and how serious are you now?

MC Rimz: As a hip hop mc i took it very seriously, but as a rave mc i took it as a laugh and not seriously at all, maybe if i had of i would have got a lot further with it but i was enjoying the scene, drugs , women too much to really be aware of just what was going on. Nowadays if i was to perform it would be deadly serious and i would work the crowd proper

Renegade: What and when were your first events as a raver?

MC Rimz: The hacienda (Manchester), Amnesia House (sports connection). Energy (in a field) to name but a few

Renegade: When do you feel the scene peeked for you as MC RIMZ?

MC Rimz: I would say 1990-92/3

Renegade: What and when were your first live DJing experiances? (radio & events/parties)

MC Rimz: Elite fm in stanford,dj vibes ran that station,first big rave Freedom at marsh gate lane

Renegade: Who were your favorite DJs & MCs Back in the day & now?

MC Rimz: Dj wiggz he used to play 12 - 6am at the slammer one man band big mixer,got to be andy c from the cyndicut stableBack in the day Frankie Bones, Grooverider, Carl Cox, Sasha. Mcs man parris and mad p.. and nowadays if i go to party i go to London warehouses with manik, Everyones sound, malfiteurs etc with dj's like the liberators, dave the drummer and loads of other free party dj's, you dont really get mc's at underground tekno partys anymore

Renegade: Whats the most influential tune you have heard?

MC Rimz: Derrick may 'Strings of life'

Renegade: What is & was your fave club to go out raving / play at?

MC Rimz: I really used to enjoy Dj Sy at Venus and used to go raving every Saturday if i could make it. To play at i really enjoyed the BYO in Doncaster

Renegade: Who do you rate as the best producers & labels from 1988-presant day?

MC Rimz: Frankie bones + Lennie D, The liberators and stay up forever collective

Renegade: What is your prefered genre to listen to / make / play now?

MC Rimz: Acid tekno

Renegade: Whats the best night raving you have ever had?

MC Rimz: Too many to name

Renegade: Do you have a pet? is so what is it and whats their name?

MC Rimz: I used to have a German Shepard dog named 'Blue' but he had to be put down after his back legs messed up (a common fault in the breed when the dogs get old)

Renegade: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

MC Rimz: On top of my world

Renegade: What producers would you love to work with?

MC Rimz: Dillinja, Jah Shaka n Arfer Baker

Renegade: What advise would you give to young MC’s?

MC Rimz: STFU and stop chatting shit all over the music, its a party, no one wants to hear about your ghetto, cock size, or bling. Your supposed to compliment the music and hype the crowd

Renegade: Whats your fondest memory in the scene?

MC Rimz: Dj rap asking for my number

Renegade: Whats your fave food & drink?

MC Rimz: I like Mexican and Chinese food and Jack Daniels and coke

Renegade: Where would you take someone on a 1st date?

MC Rimz: London squat party

Renegade: What do you do when your chilling out?

MC Rimz: Smoke, listen to music, drawing and art

Renegade: What do you think of the new genres? (hardcore breaks / nu rave / dub step / uk hardcore)

MC Rimz: Breaks are ok but tbh all this pigeon holing of music is getting stupid and i couldn't tell you which tune is from what genre if i was to talk to a chin stroker

Renegade: Nike or Addidas?

MC Rimz: Lacoste

Renegade: Whats your greatest fear?

MC Rimz: Cancer (lost me mum and other close family)

Renegade: Whats your most prized possestion?

MC Rimz: My sons

Renegade: What would you do in your life differant if you could start over?

MC Rimz: Perhaps not do as many drugs?

Renegade: Where can we expect to see you in the near future?

MC Rimz: On a oldskool flyer on your coffee table!

Renegade: Many Many thanks for taking the time to do this interview from myself Foo & All the Renegade Radio Crew. Hopefully hear you one day soon on the Renegade !


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