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DJ Pilgrim

DJ Pilgrim

Dj Beady interview with Dj Pilgrim

Dj Beady: how long have you been dj'ing for?

Dj Pilgrim Well I first started dj'ing back in 1987 when back then I was a hip-hop scratch dj using 2 copies of the same record to do loads of trickery like using my nose, knees or elbows to work the cross fader and generally scratching records up beyond recognition.

Dj Beady: who first got you into dj'ing?

Dj Pilgrim: I always loved my music as a collector but a friend of mine who was a bit of a blagger, always kept producing mix tapes saying they was his which made me think if he can do it, so I can I so practiced hard and taught myself.

Dj Beady: who where your biggest influences and why?

Dj Pilgrim: Dj's like Cash Money, Pogo, Business, Cutmaster Swift from back in my hip hop days as they recreated new tracks from existing tracks. From the rave scene it would have to be DJ's such as Hype, Sy, Mickey Finn & Ratty as these were djs that mixed it up.

Dj Beady: what is the most memorable events you ever dj'ed at and why was it the most memorable?

Dj Pilgrim: The early 92 raves have got to be the best in my opinion, ones that stood out were Quest, Fantazia and Pandemonium as back in those days the production was 1st class & those parties just seemed to create an amazing unrivalled atmosphere. Later though, for oldskool parties it would have to be Flashback as they were the only people who could ever to this day re create anything anywhere near those old vibes.

Dj Beady: what tune really stood out for you personally and then you realised that this is deffinately the music for me?

Dj Pilgrim: Mr Kirks Nightmare- 4 hero, awesome track as its got elements of hip hop in there as well as acid and breakbeat.

Dj Beady: what tune do you think changed the scene in your eyes and got the ravers coming back every time?

Dj Pilgrim: Jeeeeees, there's just too many to mention, classics would have to be Your Love-Prodigy, Baby D's Let me be your fantasy just off the top of my head.

Dj Beady: which artist would you like most to work with past or present from any genre and why?

Dj Pilgrim: Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, need I say anymore!!!!

Dj Beady: what's been the highlight of your career so far?

Dj Pilgrim: Looking back, I played at most of the biggest events in this country in1992 so that has to be my best year, but I'd have to say that it's the massive Fantazia at Castle Donnington with an estimated 40,000 people there. I played on the main stage and there was a drawbridge being used as a stage set, which the DJ appeared behind. When I came to do my set about midnight, I will never forget when the drawbridge dropped, I looked out & just saw a mass of bodies go back for what looked like miles, & the noise from the crowd was unbelievable.

Also landing residency at Quest as there was no other weekly club that could match 'the vibe called Quest' with top quality line ups each week using every big name DJ you could think of (even Joey Beltram played there). The atmosphere was unbelievable week in week out & that's why so many people travelled from all over the country, each week, just to be a part of that vibe. The venue was perfect as it would hold close to 1,000 capacity each week, with que's starting as early as 5:00pm on some nights, & the promoters put a lot of effort into each week using attractions like the infamous Quest dancers, fire eaters, snake charmers, lasers (and this wasn't even an all-nighter.

Dj Beady: when you're not dj'ing who do you like to listen to and why?

Dj Pilgrim: When I'm not dj'ing, music I will listen to varies as I listen to a lot of dubstep at the present moment, but I still like my jump up drum n bass, not wobble though, uuugghhhh, I like the likes of Jay z, Busta Rhymes too as I still listen to bits of hip hop, both new and old as I like to listen to my old hip hop breaks as well.

Dj Beady: what was the first rave you ever attended?

Dj Pilgrim: 1st ever rave that sticks out in my mind where the early Perception gigs at Long Marston, Wisbech back in 1990, you had people like Sasha, Carl Cox and the Prodigy on the bill, it was awesome. They were the first outdoor all-night rave that I remember attending as a punter but other than that the first club night was probably the Hummingbird nightclub in Birmingham as on a Friday night they used to have a Acid/Hardcore/Rave night and Saturdays was Shelleys (Stoke On Trent).

Dj Beady: what are your thoughts on the "new" J-Tek, old skool, hardcore breaks scene and where and where can you see the future going?

Dj Pilgrim: Well oldskool rave will always be in my heart, I've always liked the faster tempo style of music, even from my early hip hop days, which is why I've never entertained the house scene. The oldskool scene has been amazing as the beats have outdone their original format as that era was around from what, 90-94, 4 years, whereas I 1st started playing oldskool when I 1st started my own event, Reminiscence & became resident for legendary promoters, Flashback, from about 98 and yet the scene is still going strong! The only downside I would say of it is that too many big name dj's stick to safe anthem tunes whereas they are in a position to educate & push the scene further. J-Tek music is just as amazing though as the whole concept is so fresh, its aim is to bring back all styles of underground dance music under one umbrella, the way it used to be, so dj's can once again be versatile. When listening to a J-Tek tune you may here elements of techno, oldskool, drum & bass, acid, dubstep, jungle, anything goes really, and it's all about using today's technology that's available to re create the old vibe but with new sounds & ideas.

Dj Beady: Whats happening with DJ Pilgrim at the minute?

Dj Pilgrim: Well at the moment I'm still spinning the oldskool rave tunes of the early nineties raving days which I'm best known for, but I've also found a new love for playing as well as producing the newest style of music to break through that is fast becoming the next big music genre known as J-Tek / Jungle Tekno.


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