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Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn interview by DJ Beady

DJ Beady: so Mickey how long have you been djing for?

Mickey Finn: ooh well I started in 87' in the acid house era so 21 years now wow!

DJ Beady: who where your musical influences and why?

Mickey Finn: I'm really broad; from me mom there was reggae, Motown, Gladis Knight, Marvin Gaye that was what I grew up without choice so I naturally got into it, also jazz funk and rare groove, but then at the other end of the spectrum Garry Newman as a kid, David Bowie, Lou reed, Japan, sex pistols so I'm quite broad but never really got into really heavy rock or heavy metal but I like music for loads of different reasons so I'm quite collective when it comes to musical taste.

DJ Beady: what first got you into djing?

Mickey Finn: Run Dmc, Eric B, LL Cool J concert in a nutshell

DJ Beady: what was the most memorable event you dj'd at and why was it the most memorable?

Mickey Finn: I'd have to say Glastonbury just because of the size of it and the acts and the history behind it, although I've never been shy to say that I love coming up to Birmingham because I just think they really want to have a party rather than other hidden agendas I basically love going out to areas where they really want to have a good time there for the good vibes I'm not there for any other reason; world dance also springs to mind.

DJ Beady: what tune really stood out for you and you instantly thought right this is the music of my choice?

Mickey Finn: wow good question wouldn't say there was a certain tune that made me get into it but if I could say one record that did stand out for me was a split second by flesh which i just thought it was a really good tune and I really loved the tune and it really represented that era at the time it's hard to pin it down to one record but that tune really stood out for me.

DJ Beady: what tune did you think changed the scene and got the masses coming to raves?

Mickey Finn: well depends what era really but I would have to say anthem by N-Joy, I don't think N-Joy get the props they deserve just as an outfit love The Prodigy they're exceptionally brilliant but I still see N-Joy in the Prodigy I think they were very similar, the anthem, malfunction I loved N-Joy as a band and as Producers

DJ Beady: which do you prefer djing or producing?

Mickey Finn: dj'ing hands down. I dj because it�s my living and I love it and I produce only as a hobby. I go to the studio because I want to make a tune not Because it's my living and I have to so out the two I like djing better.

DJ Beady: which artists would you like most to work with past or present in any genre?

Mickey Finn: Garry Newman, George Clinton (DJ beady comments that Garry Newman has featured twice in the interview) Garry Newman was a big part of my childhood specially crossing over to electronic music I love Garry Newman's synths so it was a major part of my growing up as he was a big influence on me when I was growing up

Mc Lenni enters the room and calls Mickey to the stage so we had to wrap it up but asked one last question.

DJ Beady: when you're not djing who do you most like to listen to dj and why?

Mickey Finn: err mostly hip-hop, Dj Shortee cos Im quite collective though it doesn't have to be a beat it could be anything (Mickey laughs) daytime radio to be honest. I'm a boring bastard I listen to debates on the way up to work when your around music all the time sometimes I want to step away from it and I want to appreciate music when I go out to work so listening to radio debates and talk makes me appreciate music more if that makes sense rather than just music all the time.

DJ Beady: thanks for that Mickey

Mickey Finn: thank you, your welcome mate


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