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Foo interviews Dj Space

Foo : Where did it all start for you back in the day? What/Who were your influences?

Dj Space : I grew up listening to all different styles of music but i guess it all really started when i discovered electro and hip hop when i was 14. I got into poppin and breakin and sorta progressed into listening to house around 16. I started goin to the Leadmill @ 16 when they had the Steamer nights where i heared graham park playin some amazing tunes .Looking back i reckon he was a big influence.

Foo : How/where did you meet Chris?

Dj Space : I met Chris at college when i was 17. I heared he had some good music so i asked him to do me a tape.Cheeky fucker tried to charge me a fiver!! After that we became best mates. (needless to say, he never got the fiver!)

Foo : How was it that you got into producing/remixing?

Dj Space : The production side of things came off the back of our radio shows. Warp put us in the studio to see what we would come up with.Thats when R.A.C was born.

Foo : How did the name 'Astrix & Space' come about?

Dj Space : We were on our way to do our first radio show but didnt have a name (not wise to use your own back then ) i'd sorta decided i was gonna use the Space name when we passed a book shop window with a big cardboard cut out of Asterix. Chris liked the cartoon anyway so he chose that..

Foo : What was the biggest event you played at?

Dj Space : The biggest we ever played was Amnesias first birthday party at donnington park.. Bout 10'000

Foo : Who was your favourite promoter to work with back in the day?

Dj Space : We didnt really have a fave promoter.. We always enjoyed workin with the Creation crew here in sheffield.

Foo : What was your most memorable moment?

Dj Space : My most memorable moment is probably when John Peel played the R.A.C stuff on his peel sessions show. Quite humbling.

Foo : What was your favourite venue to play at?

Dj Space : Fave venue has to be THE LIMIT. its where it all started.

Foo : What was the worst venue you ever played at?

Dj Space : Worst has to be some club in Batley when i m.c'd for Altern 8. Lets just say the locals weren't very welcoming.

Foo : Who was your favourite DJ back in the day? & Who would be your Fave DJ at the moment?

Dj Space : Hard to say who my fave djs were , i reckon its a toss up with graham park,derrick may or carl cox (the 3 deck wizzard!)..... depends what night out i fancied really.I'd have to say Placid is my fave at the moment, he really knows his stuff.Monika Kruse comes a close second though.

Foo : Was their any DJ/MC you didnt get on well with back in the day?

Dj Space : We got on with most people back then.. we were so fucked we wouldnt have known if someone was bein an arse...

Foo : Any dark experiences with anyone in the scene you care to share with us?

Dj Space : I've seen some stuff you wouldnt believe

Foo : Who was your favourite live PA?

Dj Space : I always thought The Orb put on a top p.a . It was as cinematic as it was musical.

Foo : Which big raves did you go to back in the day either as a DJ or just to rave the night away?

Dj Space : The biggest and best in my opinion were the warehouse raves in Blackburn. Absoloutley unbelievable!!!!!

Foo : what was the weirdest thing you ever seen at a rave?

Dj Space : The wierdest thing i saw was two pensioners ballroom dancing to some proper hardcore in the limit... it was very surreal , i bet they were at least 70!!!

Foo : How did fantasy FM come about and how did you get to play on the station?

Dj Space : Word sorta got round that me and chris were djin when he was workin at Warp. The guy who ran most of the pirates used to shop there and he gave us a slot. We had some great times doing our shows . I dont think we realised just how many people were listening so just got smashed and waffled a lot... The equipment was rubbish, the studios were scruffy but we just wanted people to hear our stuff so we put up with it.

Foo : Do you have a favourite set by another DJ?

Dj Space : I used to have a tape with an amazing derrick may mix on it years ago.. I lost it ages ago . I can still remember every tune on it and wish i could get it back.

Foo : Favourite 5 Oldskool tunes? Top 5 current tunes?

Dj Space : Top 5 oldskool .. (in no order) Strings of Life (derick may) Tears (Satoshi tomie and Frankie Knuckles) Real Love (nexus 21) L.F.O (L.F.O) Energy Flash (Joey Beltram)... i could go on forever!!!!!!!! there's so many more........ Right now im into all the stuff i play in my SKITSOPHONICS sets... check em out to find out !!!

Foo : What is Your favourite year for music ? & What kind of music was you into before the acid house/rave scene kicked off?

Dj Space : My fave year(s) were 91-92... I think thats when it really kicked off.. before the whole scene started i was into hip hop, electro, soul and reggae..

Foo : As you've been around the scene for a long time now, what keeps your inspiration going and what other artist have inspired you the most.

Dj Space : You're makin me feel old now !!! My inspiration comes from the fact i love hearing new, exciting music. It's one of my many obsessions. There's nothing like hearing a new tune that makes you feel something. I've been inspired by too many people to choose... derrick may , kevin saunderson, juan atkins, larry heard, k.alexi shelby , grandmaster flash, mantroniks, sugarhill gang, run dmc, soul 2 soul, kraftwerk, tangerine dream, lil louis .......................... the list is endless!

Foo : In your opinion What dj from back in the day would you say has pushed the boundaries the most with out being to commercial.

Dj Space : I think at his best Carl Cox was hard to beat technically...

Foo : if you had a private party for yourself and you could pick three headline djs who would they be and why.

Dj Space : Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Me!!!!!!

Foo : Who do you still keep in contact with from BITD?

Dj Space : Im still in contact with Mark Archer (A8) but bein a family man i dont really get out too much (unless im playin). I keep in touch with most people over the net.

Foo : How did the 'infiltrate 202' remix you did come about?

Dj Space : The Infiltrate 202 thing happened by fluke.. we were goin to Shellys in Stoke and i got talkin to this bloke who asked the usual ''where u from '' etc.. when i said sheffield he asked if i'd heared of Asterix and Space. I told him he was speakin to one of 'em.. he then told me who he was (A8, Nexus 21.) and said he'd just sampled us from a tape he'd been sent from one of our shows on S.C.R. .. the rest as they say is history..

Foo : Who did the 'watch ya bassbins im tellin ya' vocal? was that either yourself or Chris?

Dj Space : The sample was Chris on the first mix and both of us on the remix..

Foo : Did it ever actually have enough power to destroy the most expensive washing machine? (infiltrate 202) (or rather why was that said on the outro?)

Dj Space : You'll have to ask mark archer that one ...

Foo : Who is MC jammy/Hammy ammy?? (See the end of Infiltrate 202 for details)

Dj Space : Ask Archer .. he has told me but i forgot ..

Foo : Any specific / funny memorys from the limit ??. personally mine would have to be it all kicking off on Dancefloor between Wednesday & Utd fans & you lot just carried on playing.

Dj Space : The Limit was a crazy place.. One time Dj Raw brought us the dub plate of rythym takes control by Unique 3. The bass vibrated the monitor of its stand and smashed the deck! after that i held the stylus arm across the tunes as best i could whilst trippin my tits off!! crazy thing was the dubplate didnt have a scratch on it... and we finished the night guiding the stylus ....

Foo : were you scared of the bouncers at the limit - did you ever see anyone get coshed with the club there ?

Dj Space : I saw loads of nasty violence in there but the bouncers were our mates .. we never had any shit from anyone when we played there.

Foo : What was your favourite Sheffield club that you played in?

Dj Space : Easily The Limt (close second.. Occasions)

Foo : Did you ever get ripped off at any event?

Dj Space : We never really had any problems getting paid, we learned very early on to get cash upfront if we thought it was gonna be dodgy.

Foo : Doesn't Chris Duckenfield release tunes on Warp, In which case what do you make of them putting out indie guitar tunes?

Dj Space : Chris has his own labels now and remixes for loads of others .As far as i know he's not producing for them anymore.As for the stuff they release?? I think Warp have always tried to diversify and showcase new interesting talent.. guitars or bleeps.

Foo : Any chance of A&S reforming ? (may be to tie-in with the WARP Records 20 party)

Dj Space : I think its best the asterix and space thing is left back in the day.. I dont think Chris would be up for it, he's too busy doin his new projects.

Foo : How come you just seemed to disappear - one minute you were everywhere round Sheffield & then just gone? !! ( there's even been sections on the Sheffield Forum dedicated to finding Asterix & Space !! )

Any tunes or remixes you did that never got released? and if so would you consider releasing them or samples of them?

Dj Space : We kinda put the Asterix and Space thing on the back burner when we started getting more production work.We were signed to Warp, Junior Boys Own and doing other projects.After a while my drug habits became too much so i moved abroad and left the partership.There's probably a few tunes that never got released but there was a reason for that no, nothing to come out of the vaults.

Foo : What are you opinions (if any) on the big anthems of yesteryear (sweet harmony, out of space, ragga tip etc) being OVERPLAYED today in raves/clubs and the constant rehashing in many different styles? are you for it, or are you sick of it?

Dj Space : I think the oldskool revival is great but just seem to hear the same tunes being played. As for the new re-works??? pppppffffffff!!!

Foo : Would you be happy with a no 1 hit, or would that be something you rather steer clear of.

Dj Space : If by some reason a tune you make crosses over and makes number 1, i think you gotta be proud of it. Its obviously your art and if its enjoyed by the masses then so be it.Look at French Kiss by Lil louis.. there are a few that you wouldnt expect to have made it but they do.

Foo : Where are you musically now and whats the future for you musically?

Dj Space : Right now im concentrating on the SKITSOPHONICS stuff. We only formed about 6 months ago so we're still tryin to get our name out there. Theres gonna be some production coming soon too. Its just finding the time between family and work.

Foo : Any regular slots anywhere for listeners to tune in to?

Dj Space : You can catch our SKITSOPHONICS shows @ every fortnight or catch us on deepvibes Hook me up on facebook for more links (richard benson)

Ok, now onto the serious stuff..

Foo : Whats your favourite pint?

Dj Space : Carlsberg Export

Foo : Do you own a Roland TB 303?

Dj Space : No but i might buy one... mark archer used to lend me his and i'd disappear in my own world for days on end.

Foo : Owl or Blade ?

Dj Space : BLADE THRU AN THRU!!!!!

Foo : Adidas or Nike?

Dj Space : Adidas..

Foo : A huge huge thanks from myself & all the crew and crew to yourself for taking the time out to do this interview with us and give the oldskool heads that are still sane a bigger in-sight to the happenings and goings on of a true legend such as yourself. Respect


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