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Undercover Agent

Undercover Agent

Undercover Agent

AKA Dj Daz From Juice Records and Cyndicut Fm

Renegade: When and where did you start DJing / producing?

Reply From Daz: I started djing in 83 doing house partys in my local area of grays essex,no decks,just two tape machines..jokez.My first producing session was in darren hickeys studio in horndon,it was me and just jones

Renegade: How did you get your dj name?

Reply From Daz: Nickname for years

Renegade: How did you originaly get into the scene and who got you into it?

Reply From Daz: Cyndicut fm,bret from freedom helped us all out ...salute brett

Renegade: What and who were your influences?

Reply From Daz: Jah shaka,dub reggae,hip hop,breaks,funk

Renegade: Darkside or uplifting tunes?

Reply From Daz: Darkside for me,ruff n raw

Renegade: How serious were you when you started DJing & producing and how serious are you now?

Reply From Daz: When i first started i had the the eye of the tiger,now days with work commitments ,i do it because i love music

Renegade: What and when were your first events as a raver?

Reply From Daz: Late 88,goldmine canvey island,89 slammer gravesend

Renegade: What and when were your first live DJing experiances? (radio & events/parties)

Reply From Daz: Elite fm in stanford,dj vibes ran that station,first big rave Freedom at marsh gate lane

Renegade: Who were your favorate DJs Back in the day & now?

Reply From Daz: Dj wiggz he used to play 12 - 6am at the slammer one man band big mixer,got to be andy c from the cyndicut stable

Renegade: Whats the most influential tune you have heard?

Reply From Daz: Pulp fiction alex reece

Renegade: What is & was your fave club to go out raving / play at?

Reply From Daz: Awol at the ministry

Renegade: Who do you rate as the best producers & labels from 1988-presant day?

Reply From Daz: R and S, Hit house, Moving shadow, Metal heads, Dillinja, Roni size, Photek

Renegade: What is your prefered genre to listen to / make / play now?

Reply From Daz: Reggae, D&B, Dubstep

Renegade: Whats the best night raving you have ever had?

Reply From Daz: Too many to mention......

Renegade: Vinyl / cd / mp3? - what do you use?

Reply From Daz: All of the above

Renegade: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Reply From Daz: Running successfull internet radio station

Renegade: What are your aims and goals now?

Reply From Daz: To build up internet radio

Renegade: What Djs would you love to B2B with?

Reply From Daz: Dillinja, Jah Shaka,David Rodigan

Renegade: What producers would you love to work with?

Reply From Daz: Dillinja, Jah Shaka n Arfer Baker

Renegade: What advise would you give to young DJs & Producers?

Reply From Daz: Stay focused make music for yourself...

Renegade: What do you think of female DJs & Producers?

Reply From Daz: Wicked

Renegade: Whats your fondest memory in the scene?

Reply From Daz: When i heard Babylon played at the Ministry

Renegade: Whats your fave food & drink?

Reply From Daz: Magnerz, Vimto n Italian

Renegade: Where would you take someone on a 1st date?

Reply From Daz: The Plough

Renegade: What do you do when your chilling out?

Reply From Daz: Listen to musicSmoke, watch comedy, make beatz, go to the beach

Renegade: Whats your day job?

Reply From Daz: Screeding resin floorz

Renegade: What do you think of the new genres? (hardcore breaks / nu rave / dub step / uk hardcore)

Reply From Daz: Really feeling Dubstep

Renegade: Nike or Addidas?

Reply From Daz: Nike

Renegade: Whats your greatest fear?

Reply From Daz: Ratz

Renegade: whats your most prized possestion?

Reply From Daz: My Woman

Renegade: What would you do in your life differant if you could start over?

Reply from Daz: Nothing

Renegade: Where can we expect to see you in the near future?

Reply From Daz: Doing Cyndicut Express parties, Danceconcept..



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